Our Mission

Recovery on Wildview was founded on the belief that given the right support and direction, anyone can recover from alcoholism and addiction. Our aim is to provide a stable environment where men can feel safe while taking the necessary steps in battling their disease.

While here all guests are required to obtain a sponsor, become active in 12 step work, gain employment, abide by house rules and guidelines while remaining abstinent from any and all mind or mood altering substances.

Recovery starts when you say so, and we're here to help every step of the way.

Who We Serve

At Recovery on Wildview, we help men recover from addiction in a safe and supportive environment. 


  • All residents are expected to have a sponsor within 14 days of entering the house. 
  • All residents will obey curfew of 11pm Sunday-Thursday and 12am Friday-Saturday, unless otherwise specified by house manager.
  • All residents are expected to attend and document 5 AA/NA meetings each week. 
  • All residents are expected to attend the house meeting each week (this may count for one of your meetings).
  • All residents must remain up to date on rent ($150/week paid every Friday 1 week in advance).
  • All residents will be subjected to random drug/alcohol screens at the house manager's discretion. 
  • All residents will be expected to keep their respective areas clean.

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